Monday, July 15, 2013


Beer stock in my fridge is running low. Luckily, I still had this bottle of Pluot that New Belgium sent my way a few weeks ago. I understand that this beer from their Lips of Faith Series will be one of the ones to make it into South Florida soon after their launch at the end of this month.

Before I even bothered reading the label explanation, I asked BFF Google what the hell a Pluot is since this tripel was brewed with its juice. Apparently, it's a cross between a plum and apricot. Sounds yummy. Big 22 Best Enjoyed by May 2014.

Fruity aroma, apricots and other soft fruits along with a little booze. Not really that strong. Sweet with a syrupy, thick texture to start. Peaches and pears and apricots come through and work great with a nice spiciness. Very juicy, and there is a cider-like zip with each sip as well.

The 10% booze is not in your face, but you will feel it in EVERY SIP. The alcohol works pretty well with the sweet fruitiness. Bubble gum, honey, flower petals and Belgian yeast are other subtleties you might taste (and probably will considering you have a lot of beer to ponder). The flavors are very nice, but it's the intense sweetness that is hard to overcome. Over and over, it just attaches itself to the palate. Tone that down a lot and it would be a lot better.

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