Monday, July 29, 2013

Stateside Saison

I was looking for something different the other day, so I decided to check out Stateside Saison brewed by Stillwater Artisinal in Stratford, Connecticut. Perhaps it was the snake-vulture standing on its own body depicted on the label that caught my attention. Not sure. Very interesting art to say the least! Bottled 02/19/13.

Great aroma. Sweet peaches and spicy cloves work great with the earthy hops in the background. VERY grassy flavors to start, like I was totally shocked though not in a bad way. After getting used to that flavor profile, there were lots of peppery and clove spicy flavors and a distinct floral element.

Bitter lemon and citrus meets some Belgian yeast, though there was not really any funky saison flavors to speak of. Dry finish with a noticeable touch of the 6.8% alcohol. Tasty and enjoyable.

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