Saturday, August 31, 2013

Centennial IPA

Founders Brewing was the newest brewery to enter Florida when they released many of their beers on August 19, 2013. This has been a fabulous beer year for South Florida, and having Founders is adding some awesome icing to the cake. I've managed to try some of their beers from time to time over the past few years and always enjoyed them.

I decided to welcome them to the neighborhood by checking out their Centennial IPA, more than 3.5 years after first trying it! The label appears to be the same as before, two angels holding up the beer name. Bottled 8/7/13.

Bready aroma with an orange sweetness. A little more bitter to start, flavor-wise. Lots of citrus, Mandarin oranges, light lemon. There are also some floral and pine flavors that follow. Plenty bitter, lots of hoppy goodness, yet enough bready malt for that touch of balance.

The 7.2% alcohol steps up toward the end, in a spirits-type way, really pushing the hoppy aspects of the beer. Good carbonation, very fresh, refreshing bitter hoppy aftertaste. Most enjoyable, Garth!

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