Friday, August 23, 2013


OK. So Magic Hat sent me two of their new beers yesterday, which I immediately put in the fridge. I decided to try DeVEILed first, because I figured that as an amber ale, it would be the lighter and simpler of the two, with the second being a Saison. Read onward and see if that was a good hypothesis.

The label kind of has a Grateful Dead type theme going on. A skull with flower eyes and a crown of roses is wearing a veil. The neck states this is "shrouded in otherworldly goodness". Under the cap, you are advised to "live by the sun, love by the moon". 5.2% alcohol.

So this was MUCH darker than I was expecting, a dark reddish color. Rich, malty caramel aroma with a touch of herbal sweetness and slight hops too. Malty with roasted grain and some burnt flavors, perhaps a touch of smoke. An herbal twang sits on the back of your tongue too.

There is some hoppy bitterness here, no doubt. And you will finish with some weird earthy tartness (huh? yeah!) in a lingering aftertaste. Medium body and carbonation. Not exactly your typical amber ale profile right? But would you expect anything else from these guys? Not a favorite but unique for sure. Check it out. It's part of a new mixed 12 pack.

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