Sunday, August 18, 2013

Firemans Brew: Blonde, RedHead and Brunette

Firemans Brew is a brewery in Ukiah, California started by firefighter and paramedic Rob Nowacyzk. Part of the proceeds from their beers goes to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Their beers are not available here in Florida, but I figured one or two of you loyalists are Californians. Anyway, a PR agency working on behalf of the brewery asked if I'd like to give these three a try. I said sure. As Firemans Brew says, "Extinguish Your Thirst - Ignite The Party!"

I started with their Blonde, a pilsner, 5% alcohol. Grainy with a sharp grassy aroma. Sweet grain flavors meet light lemon and faint spice. Very watery and bland. Under-carbonated, not quite flat. Too sweet. Pass.

Next up, RedHead Ale, their amber ale, 5.5% alcohol. Rich sweet caramel aroma with just a hint of spice. Sweet caramel flavors come first. This beer is WAY THINNER than I was expecting. A little toast, a little butter, a little bubblegum. But despite a little weird metallic hoppy bitterness toward the end, the beer remained too sweet. Stale and flat, blah.

Finally, the Brunette, a Doublebock, 8% alcohol. I swear, it smells like a Denny's at breakfast time! Pancake syrup on my chocolate chip pancakes with my steaming cup of coffee. Cocoa powder flavors start first. Roasted coffee to finish. Repeat. That's about it. You can taste the alcohol a little toward the end. Leans bitter, medium body, carbonation OK. Decent overall, and definitely the best of their three beers by far.

Oh, and also noteworthy, these are the "Off Duty" offerings of the brewery. They also make "On Duty" sodas, and they sent me those as well. They are in my fridge for another day!

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