Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gentlemen's Club Old Fashioned Style Ale: Rye Whiskey Aged

You remember when Widmer Brothers had a release party last month for their Gentlemen's Club beer series right? Well, the brewery was nice enough to send me the trio of expressions to check out for the website. I decided to start with the Rye Whiskey aged version as I think it was my favorite from that evening. This series was a collaboration with our beloved Florida brewery Cigar City in Tampa.

Big 22 has a very nice wrap-around label depicting an old-time club bar scene. Suits, ties, vests, tuxes, elegant evening wear, canes, and of course booze. I'll see how my pictures turned out in a bit, LOL. To one side, you are told this is "90% ale brewed with cherries, lemons and oranges and aged in rye whiskey barrels; and 10% ale". Under the cap, "To Nightcap Number 3". Bottled May 30, 2013.

Nice aroma: sweet caramel, very rich and inviting with a cherry on top. Sweet, rich caramel and toffee flavors follow suit with a nice dose of cherries as well. Very malty and sugary. You will not miss the barrel's effects on the beer. You can taste the wood, the booze, and the spicy rye characteristics from start to finish.

Yes, at 10.5% alcohol, there is a little heat, but not the destruction or shiver I've had in beers past. OK, so I have a big bottle, I'm drinking alone, I'm home alone, and therefore have time to ponder some nuances. Sweet, alcohol, wood, cherry, finally orange, malty, low carbonation, smooth.

Best part: cherry flavors and other fruity nuances that the alcohol is enhancing. Worst part: the sweetness catches up fast, though it does grow on you the more you drink. I'd for sure recommend sharing the bottle 3 or 4 ways. Check it out when you get the chance.

Turn your computer sideways. If I had more time, I'd try to crop them together. Go ahead if you'd like!

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