Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hoptopia on IPA Day

This is a review about Hoptopia, the Imperial IPA brewed by Scuttlebutt Brewing in Everett, Washington, not the former beer blogger Hoptopia. The label depicts a pirate seemingly sneering and smiling at the same time, kind of boring. Since Today is IPA Day, so I've heard, I decided that there was no beer and no one like the original Hoptopia that could be better paired to represent this holiday. I just hope I get the I Believe In IPA badge! 8% alcohol.

Juicy citrus flavors come first with sweeter (not unlike Hoptopia himself) bread and caramel malts there right away to balance them. There is a grapefruit citrus bitterness and peppery rye-like spiciness as well which made the beer lean bitter. Good balance though overall.

After drinking a few sips, you will start to taste a cooling herbal alcohol type thing going on. That is not a good attribute here. The finish is dry and there is a little alcohol heat left over in the finish. The jury is out on this one. Not bad though the alcohol cooling (even minty) and bitter grapefruit flavors really accented the worst parts of each other. Bad synergy, weird collision. I'll pass.

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