Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The One They Call Zoe

Just cracked open a can of The One They Call Zoe, a pale lager brewed by Hops and Grain in Austin, Texas. You probably remember how much I enjoyed their Pale Dog a few weeks back. Well, this beer was in the same package sent to me by the brewery. The can describes this beer as "lively, crisp, right, AFFABLE". To one side, the same story as on their other cans, that the brewery loves the planet, yada yada, uses aluminum (see the picture). And on the back, a story, a poem of sorts (figure it out, tell me the meaning). You can read that below too!

The post card with information I got with the beer states that "this beer is meant to be paired with, well, life! It's also meant to be paired with a few more." Now we're talking! Drink at 47° F from a pilsner glass. 18 IBU. 5.2% alcohol.

Smells very grainy and grassy, exactly like a lager, with a little orange fruitiness. Sweet fruity orange flavors come through in the beginning along with some sourdough bread. From there, the beer is balanced by grassy and hoppy flavors, also offering a nice sharpness and crispness. Definitely a lot of pilsner character here. Clean, refreshing, very nice! I'd pair it with a few more if they were available here in Florida.

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