Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 IPA: Beer Camp #93

Today I'm checking out 2013 IPA: Beer Camp #93, the second for me from Sierra Nevada's 2013 annual 12 pack after the Imperial Red Ale. Hopefully they spent the time not used thinking about the beer's name crafting its recipe. 6.9% alcohol.

Doughy aroma with pine and a little orange. I really had to work for it as it wasn't very powerful. Pine and juicy orange citrus are the prominent flavors in the beginning. There is also plenty of sweet malty balance. Bread and caramel seem to be the most obvious flavors, but some tropical mango sweetness lingers toward the end.

Basically, this is Torpedo's cousin, the one that is a little more refined, doesn't burp in front of guests and has an inkling about what manners are. Solid IPA. Nice flavors and nuances. Enjoyable. Now hand me that Torpedo!

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