Monday, September 2, 2013


#NowDrinking ALTeration, an Altbier brewed by Hops and Grain in Austin, Texas. The brewery thought I'd like to try this beer, so they sent me a can. They also sent me a little fact sheet about the beer and style, etc. They noted an addition of black malt to the traditional recipe for this beer, which I guess is the alteration? Is that a stretch? I've been drinking.

There is a lesson on the back, something about new ideals and dollars. I never was that good at philosophy, so please feel free to enlighten me with an explanation. See the picture below. Again, this brewery uses sustainable methods of brewing and tells a little story on the side about Aluminum. ALT Glass, pfft, whatever. Serve at 45°F. 5% alcohol. 40 IBU.

Malty aroma, a little nutty, with some light sweetness. Smells like a brown ale. (That's kind of funny I wrote that (to me) because after I was done, I went over to Beer Advocate to see exactly what the hell an ALT is-->German-style Brown Ale, LOL). 

Very interesting tobacco flavors come first, really prevalent from start to finish. Roasted malts galore! Combine those two flavors with a hoppy, grassy and spicy bitterness and you have a very interesting beer. There is an underlying sweetness that is caged in and dying to be free. At least we know it's there; rescue teams are on their way. Medium body with a low-medium carbonation.

Pretty good beer though my preferences are Pale Dog > The One They Call Zoe > ALTeration. However, if in the Austin area, I'd suggest making a visit to see these guys!

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