Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Honey Do Wit and 6 Sense Belgian Ale: 2013 Gold Coast HomeBrew Entries

As Gold Coast Distributor's 2013 HomeBrew Competition wrapped up recently, Ed Roberts from Team Honey Do Wit and Brett Hubbard from Team 6 Sense gave me a bottle of their entries to check out here. I enjoyed both on the spot, given a few ounces of each. Let's see how the full bottles compare.

Honey Do Wit won the $500 prize for Best Label/Name, and it is a very cool concept. Behind the beer name is a "Honey Do" List, a pretty tough one too. I guarantee my wife never has dig a ditch on her list--poor dude with the shovel and hard hat on the front! And I like that the "I" in Wit is a line of check-boxes. Very creative. This is a Belgian-Style Witbier made with Florida Orange Blossom Honey and Basil. This homemade label even has the Surgeon General's warning on it!

Nice aroma. Fruity, sweet honey, herbal and a big dose of Belgian yeast--everything the label says is already fulfilled on the nose.

Sweet honey flavors, quite chewy and syrupy. There is an interesting bitterness but nothing like I remembered from the event. Rather, this bitterness is way more subtle. Orange sweetness follows with an herbal finish. The Belgian yeast adds character and is very prominent throughout. Flavorful but a little too sweet. Nice job, team Honey Do Wit!

Team 6 Sense made a Belgian Ale. The label shows a VooDoo doll with pins sticking out of it. The label on the bottle had definitely seen better days. In and out of the ice, wet then dry, etc. Anyway, you get the idea here. The beer is what matters the most.

Love the aroma--citrus orange meets tropical apricot. And the flavor profile continues along those same lines. Fruity and juicy orange and peach flavors are prevalent throughout, a combination of citrus and tropical playing off one another. You will detect pale malts and some light bitterness as well. Quite refreshing, low-medium carbonation. Simple and flavorful, a very enjoyable beer. I'd put a few of these away no problem.

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