Wednesday, September 18, 2013

St. Baldrick's Head Shaving for Cancer Event

Adios, lovely locks!
Apparently I'm signed up to shave my head this Saturday at Mickey Byrne's Irish Pub in Hollywood, Florida. Wife is in Italy so I'll have a week to regrow the hair and think up my story!

I am shaving my head for Children's Cancer Research for St. Baldrick's, the largest contributor to this cause besides the Federal Government, so if you're reading this please donate a few dollars to the cause. I put up $50 so you know it's not just the normal hot air you may be used to here.

At the very least, check out and comment on my crazy before hair! After hair pics will be plentiful! Thanks.

Oh, and I'm getting an autographed (and maybe lipstick kissed) photo of host Julie Durda for showing up. Don't let me down!

Update: you can find the after photos and recap here!


Marie said...

Does the chest hair get shaved too?

Beer Drinker Rob said...

You know, funny story. I saw that picture and decided to do a little grooming. So not shaved, but the chest hair is seriously cut back since that shot. I also shaved my face since then and probably will tomorrow too before the big event. Gotta look good!

I know you want me. :)