Wednesday, October 9, 2013

BigLeaf Maple Autumn Red

Today I grabbed a few new beers to drink. Anchor Brewing's BigLeaf Maple Autumn Red was one of those. This is an Anchor fall seasonal, named for a native California tree and all that it has meant to the state. There is a little micro-print story on the bottle neck that I tried to photograph--don't hold your breath that they will turn out. But basically the connection to this beer is that the tree's maple syrup was used when brewing it. Nice illustration of one of its leaves on the label as well.

Sweet caramel and maple aroma with orange and herbal character and also a little spicy. A lot going on! There is a tangy and herbal sweetness to start. Those flavors are met with a hoppy and spicy pine. Sweet orange comes next. I really didn't taste any maple syrup, though the beer was certainly sweet enough. The carbonation was on the low side of medium, could have had a bit more. The finish was dry and the 6% alcohol was detected at that point. Flavorful, decent.

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