Monday, October 7, 2013

Green Bullet Triple IPA

I saw a new Green Flash beer on the shelves a few days ago; Green Bullet Triple IPA sounded worth a  try! Their website lets you know this beer is named for the Green Bullet hop from New Zealand that it is dry hopped with. It was originally a 9th Anniversary beer back in 2011 but will now be an annual seasonal. Best By 02/28/14.

Fruity orange and tropical fruit aroma with interesting secondary hits of pine, lemon zest and bubble gum. The flavors are a little sharper than I was expecting based on the soft scent. An aggressive pine, lemon zest and rye-like peppery spiciness attack the palate. Sweeter fruits tame that spice and give a seemingly candied quality to the hops.

Nice carbonation brings out a lot of flavor. Texture is a little oily. And the 10.1% alcohol, while very manageable, keeps the beer crisp and puts a little heat on your tongue and mouth. Complex and interesting. Very enjoyable.

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