Friday, October 11, 2013

RÜBÆUS Pure Raspberry Ale

I've been wanting to try Founders Brewing's RÜBÆUS Pure Raspberry Ale for a few months, and today was the day. The label depicts a raspberry bush with some juicy red ones ready to be picked (and fermented). 15 IBUs. 5.7% alcohol.

Dark purplish-pink color. Very raspberry forward aroma, sweet and tart. Take a big whiff! Sugary sweet raspberry flavors... No, wait! Tart raspberry flavors. Whatever, terrific alternating between the two. Very fresh, no manufactured or artificial flavors at all (and I mention that because it's so often the case in fruity beers).

Refreshing though a bit more carbonation would have certainly been desirable. Simple and one dimensional with the fruit, but it was certainly memorable and highly enjoyable.

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