Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All Day IPA Session Ale

I decided to give Founders Brewing's All Day IPA Session Ale a session this afternoon. These guys make great beer, and I expect nothing different from this one. The label is very nice, depicting a station wagon carrying a canoe on a dirt road. My family had that exact car and canoe too when I was a kid. This session ale clocks in at 4.7% alcohol and 42 IBU.

Pine aroma with tropical tangerine and pineapple backup and a light citrus zip. Fruity and very juicy flavors come in the way of big citrus, not really any of that tropical fruit like from the aroma. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits--fairly bitter but still with plenty of malt balance. Doughy biscuits and pale malt work their way in there. 

A little thin and okay carbonation. The continuous sharp little nip at the palate just adds to great beer. Overall a refreshing, delicious, flavorful beer! Next time I'm gonna grab the 12 pack box of cans and drink them all by myself at the pool!

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