Saturday, November 9, 2013

By The Glass Show: Hollywood Organic Brewing Company

Brett and Jorge
Last night the guys from Hollywood Organic Brewing Company stopped into the By The Glass Show Studio for a chat and a drink or two. General Manager Johnny Quinones brought along new Brew Master Sergei, Sales Rep Christian and a few liters of their Organic Pilsner and Organic Dubbel. The Brewpub is located right on the Hollywood Broadwalk next to the beach (at the end of Polk Street). You can enjoy their current four beers there and now around town as well since they recently signed with Gold Coast to distribute their beers in South Florida.

Why organic? The Russian owners of the brewpub live healthy lifestyles and believe that is the way to deliver the best product. Johnny Q and Sergei also said it's the reason you will never get a hangover from their beers. That theory was hard to test last night since we also polished off a bottle of whiskey, but we'll try it out another time for sure. Besides their beers, a variety of foods is served including schnitzel, pizza, sausages, borscht and others I didn't know how to spell.

Sergei and Johnny Q
The Brewpub has been open for a few years now, and Johnny Q said that the one year goal is to have a production brewery in addition to the brewpub, an expansion that will allow them to brew more volume and more varieties of beer. And they are definitely looking to have that facility in Broward County. After a quick metric to American measurement conversion, Sergei, who is from the Ukraine, told us that they currently brew 2000 gallons per month. (Yes, I wanted to try that "Ukraine is Weak!" line from Seinfeld all night, but the timing just didn't work out.)

I don't know how, but I somehow let 15 minutes go by before insisting we try the first of the two beers they brought. The cleverly named Organic Pilsner was first. And it was awesome! Great toasted flavor and perfect sweetness. Rich, great body and just enough hoppy balance. Everyone loved it. We then tried their Organic Dubbel which Johnny Q said is their #1 seller. Very fruity, lots of orange. Caramel and sugar with just a touch of coriander and spice, not too sweet. Another great beer. Loved them!

Next time you're in town, go check these guys out. I heard that there's enough people watching available that you could just sit on their patio all day. And should you drink a little too much, take care not to start talking to the mural on their wall. It looks real but is just a painting!

Organic Pilsner

Organic Dubbel

It's a requirement for at least one person in a brewery to have a mega beard!

Namaste! Because I'm so hip!

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