Monday, November 11, 2013

Fresh Hop India Pale Ale

Since New Belgium's Hop Kitchen series of beers is not in their South Florida rotation at this time, the brewery was nice enough to make sure I got a chance to try their Fresh Hop India Pale Ale. This beer was brewed with fresh certified Salmon Safe Hops, so thank God for that. They even have a little thumbnail of one of those (safe from hop harvesting though not my dinner table) salmons on the bomber label. Best by 23FEB14. 7% alcohol.

Piney and peppery aroma, fresh with tropical orange and pineapples. There is a piney, hoppy bite to start followed by some juicy, fruity lemony citrus. The spiciness from the aroma translates to the palate too, though it's less peppery and more onion-like, just a bit off-putting. Sweeter orange and doughy flavors round out the profile. Fresh and juicy and pretty good despite that onion flavor persevering in the background.

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