Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bishop's Barrel 5

Last month Saint Arnold sent me a variety pack of their beers as they entered the Florida market. One of the beers was their Bishop's Barrel 5, a bourbon barrel aged Scotch Ale (Divine Reserve 4 recipe) just bottled this past October. There is a little story on the back that lets you know what they are trying to do with this series. The website offers some other particulars about this beer. For me, the most interesting part was that their 9% alcohol Divine Reserve 4 picked up 3% more alcohol during its 9.5 month stay in the Old Forester barrels.

For those of you too lazy to click the link above!
Cocoa, vanilla and raisins with some roasted character in the aroma. Flavors start out with big chocolate and caramel. Super sweet raisins come next and last a bit but are eventually knocked down by the big alcohol. Vanilla is noticeable and appears with the woody flavors. Bourbon sweetness and hotness.

Creamy, big body, enough carbonation. Along with a little warmth came some smokey character that added a good deal of interest. The warmth also balanced the alcohol and sweetness better. So, enjoy, but not right out of the fridge. Very tasty beer!

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