Thursday, December 5, 2013

DirtWolf Double IPA

Grabbed myself a summer seasonal deal this morning at the local liquor store. Pay attention to my Untpd checkins (LOL) and you can probably figure out what beer it involved. Yeah, I did them a favor and cleared some space for the winter and soon-to-arrive spring beers. Anyway, besides the deal, I of course did some other shopping. I decided Victory Brewing's DirtWolf Double IPA sounded like a charming option.

Now I had no clue about the name. No Hop Devil or Hop Wallop cartoons, just an illustration of some crazy plants. After reading the story on the side, it turns out that the those plants are hops, and DirtWolf is the nickname for them and their comeback in the American Craft Beer scene.

Pine aroma with sweet orange and tropical mango. Very nice. Big bitter pine flavors start, chewy and sticky. Powerfully hoppy and spicy with the 8.7% alcohol intensifying that aspect. Yet there is still a softer fruity elegant side, some juicy orange and mango and peach. Great balance, leaning bitter as expected and desired.

Now, the alcohol is on the alcoholic side, a little hot. And the mouthfeel of the beer in general is a little rough on the palate, but those are the only places this beer loses any points (not that I'm keeping score). The delicious flavors and complexity make this a complete success! Check it out for sure!

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