Wednesday, December 4, 2013

G-Thing Ginger Spice Ale

Magic Hat sent me a bottle of their newest winter seasonal, G-Thing Ginger Spice Ale. The label depicts a gingerbread man flipping an electricity switch and bringing himself to life. In fact, the neck label says "It's Alive... With Spice!" about the beer. And here I thought G Thing was a Dr. Dre and Snoop Lion song! 5.7% alcohol.

Chocolate roasty aroma with lots of ginger. Gave it a vigorous swirl and interestingly smelled black licorice and some smoke. And the ginger seems less intense after a few whiffs.

Cocoa powder and a nice malty roasted flavor start things off. That roast gets intensified as the flavors seem to become more smokey and charred after a few sips. The ginger is also definitely there--OK at the start but built to an annoyingly dominant crescendo. Didn't like that part and didn't finish the bottle. Amen.

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