Monday, December 23, 2013

Halia 2013

I asked (my now favorite) Goose Island's PR representatives if they'd like to hear my thoughts about Halia and sure enough, my request was granted. Halia is a Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale aged in wine barrels with peaches. The label on this 765mL bottle is simple, yet elegant, decorated in yellows and golds with a nice foil over the cap indicating the vintage. Bottled on 06AUG2013 and suitable for saving for up to 5 years. 7.5% alcohol.

Yeasty, lemony aroma with lots of fruity tartness and Brett character. The flavors start with LOTS of peaches. It's sour but not with anywhere near the wallop from some of its shocking cousins. Texture is smooth and creamy with a pleasant carbonation.

You will not mistake the wine character left on this beer during the aging process. Woody, acidic, light fruitiness all appear. There is also some saison type spicy flavors including coriander which becomes a little tiresome by the end of the wine bottle. Funky at the finish with a dirty texture

Was OK. So far one of my least favorites of all of their vintage ales. I prefer the crisper, sourer, less chewy and spiced up options. And the price point on this is crazy high, even though I didn't pay for it, so keep that in mind too. Get yourself into some Juliet!

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