Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Icon Bohemian Pils

After my appearance a few weeks ago on the ByTheGlassShow featuring Saint Arnold Brewing, I talked the brewery into sending me a few samples to review for this site. Remember, eventually they will be distributed here in South Florida. One of the beers not featured on the show, Icon Bohemian Pils, was part of the package.

The label is black with a red foil Saint Arnold and lettering over it. Very difficult to read because of the lack of contrast between the two. The story on the back label explains that the brewery uses their Icon Series to experiment with new recipes and put out some new beers. Bottled 110513.

Not a very powerful aroma, hoppy with lemon and grass. Nice sweet and bitter contrast with the flavors. You start with some lemon and grassy bitterness, quite spicy with a nice fresh sharpness on the palate. Grainy sweetness with toast add balance before you are again whisked into an excellent bitter finish. I liked it. Simple, easy drinker, good flavors, recommended.

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