Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Last Stop India Pale Ale

Saw a can I didn't recognize: Brew Bus Brewing Last Stop India Pale Ale. So Brew Bus is based in Tampa and they have a real bus where they take people on tours and to sporting events and bachelor parties, etc. The illustration on the can is of a keg with windows on wheels touring the city. I did visit the website, though, and the real bus looks more like a luxury coach, better that way! They contracted Cigar City to brew and can this beer for them. 7% alcohol.

Nice bright lemony citrus aroma with plenty of flowers and doughy pale malt. Citrus bitterness at the start. Quite earthy too, with some onion flavors I didn't really like. That disappeared with warmth for the most part. Lemon and pine are the main contributors and while the bitterness is very nice, there is a malty balance. A little sourness at the finish too. Crisp, good carbonation, and refreshing!

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