Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wild² Dubbel

Right now I'm drinking a New Belgium Wild² Dubbel, an ale brewed with Schisandra berries. The label on this bomber has a bit of a western theme, with picket fences and cowboy gear.

Spicy aroma with cinnamon and cocoa powder and rich prunes and raisins. Quite the malty flavor start: caramel with raisins and prunes. A little sugary and yeasty as well. Tons of spice character comes next including cloves and cinnamon and something-not-quite cinnamon, a little different, probably those Schisandra berries. The finish is dry and black peppery, as predicted by the bottle.

Not bad but definitely a little weird. As the beer warmed, it tasted a little more like your traditional dubbel, though you never can shake that weird spiciness. I'd suggest grabbing Matilda by the arm and not looking back on this one.

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