Thursday, January 2, 2014

Elissa IPA

Today I'm checking out Elissa IPA brewed by Saint Arnold Brewing in Houston, Texas. The beer is named after a Texas Tall Ship of the same name from 1877. I've tried this beer before though never really did a review. This was sent to me by the brewery.

Light pine aroma, pretty faint. Super-duper flowery flavors open things up. That's followed by a lemony, medicinal type thing. Grassy bitterness, light orange citrus. Toward the end, a nice sweet malty balance shows up. The finish shows a bit of alcohol and dryness. Not bad.


Matthew Horbund - mmwine said...

Not Bad is not enough for me to try. I'll pass. I thought Saint Arnold was some holy grail of brews. I can't say I've had any before, and I'm not terribly enticed to try them. recommendations of a good one?

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Matthew. Saint Arnold beers are just available in Florida recently, but not yet here in SE FL though that is the plan.

There is a series called the Divine Reserve that has a cult following. I'll let you know if when they show up here.