Monday, January 13, 2014

Hop House

I saw a bottle of Hop House, a dry-hopped pale ale brewed by Brewery Ommegang on the shelf this morning. I hadn't seen it before, but considering that I think they make great beers including the fabulous BPA, I decided I'd give it a go. The label depicts three buildings with a farm of hops growing behind them. The label says that Ommegang sits on "an historic" hop farm, so I suppose that's what we're viewing. (Click the link to read another piece of literature I wrote about putting "an" in front of a hard "h".) Serve 40°F. 6% alcohol.

Enormous head despite the slow pour, but I was prepared for that. That head took forever to disappear as well. Yeasty aroma with a mix of sweet tropical and citrus fruitiness. Lemony citrus flavors come first with a decent dose of bitterness. Sweeter orange and mango do make a balance. And the entire underlying backbone of the flavor profile is that distinct Belgian yeast.

Quite floral with some light spiciness. The finish is dry and lasting. Enjoyable beer all around. Good bitterness for a pale ale. Oh, and you'd better love that Belgian yeast quality before cracking this one open. Check it out!

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