Monday, January 20, 2014

Rekorderlig Premium Pear Hard Cider

A few days ago, I was contacted by the PR and marketing firm representing Rekorderlig ciders as they enter the US market. For now, you can only find them in New York and Florida. I happen to be in Florida. I was asked if a hard cider was a fit for my website. And you know what the answer was. Next thing you know, the FedEx guy was knocking on my door with a beautifully presented wooden box with three 500 mL bottle ciders next to a tall glass. Since it was a gift, be ready for my bias.

I asked Ed Roberts if he knew about these ciders, and he told me that he taste tested them in his store last month and they were so well received that they were delivered to all Florida Total Wine stores recently (and I confirmed that today). The bottle has a very simple label, decorated only with a pear. You are told to serve this well chilled, specifically over ice (I didn't), and the marketing materials went further suggesting a zesty lemon or lime as well (I didn't). Nutrition info is on the back (oh my, 330 calories, my waistline). 4.5% alcohol. Best Before 21AUG2015.

This cider was made by the Swedish brewery Ă…bro Bryggeri in Vimmerby, Sweden. The name means "trustworthy" in Swedish, and the story is that a woman from the brewery family named Helen recalled this word from games she used to play with her grandmother. The name was proposed and accepted.

Beautiful fruity pear aroma with a nice sweetness. Full of great pear flavor from the first sip to the last. Very fresh as well. Sweet but not overly sweet, and there is a nice tart, cidery kick to each sip as well. Lightly acidic and I liked the carbonation too. Crisp, refreshing, flavorful. Beautifully Swedish, as their tagline goes! Recommended and I'd for sure check it out again.

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