Friday, January 24, 2014

Rekorderlig Premium Wild Berries Hard Cider

I already tasted the Rekorderlig original Pear and Strawberry Lime Hard Ciders from the gift box I received last week. So now it's time to check out the final one: Rekorderlig Premium Wild Berries Hard Cider. Like the others, this one comes in a 500 mL bottle, simply decorated with a fruit that defines the blend. Yes, this too is a pear cider with wild berries blended in. 330 calories, 4.5% alcohol. The other nutritional stuff is on the back, pictured below.

Light pink, nearly to the depth of color of the strawberry version but not quite. Distinct raspberry aroma and not as sweet on the nose as its sisters. Berry forward flavors, nicely tart. That works well with the otherwise underlying sweet cider. Juicy with a good balance of tart and sweet. I was reminded of Sweet Tarts candies. There is an acidic and vinegary kick throughout and a dry berry finish. Carbonation is good. Flavors nice. Definitely refreshing. The least sweet of the three and a toss up with Pear as my favorite.

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