Friday, January 31, 2014

Shake Chocolate Porter

I wasn't going to try Shake Chocolate Porter until Rock Star Norman Miller give it a big thumbs up a few weeks ago over on that Twitter thing. So here we are. The label has a chocolate milk shake swirl effect on it and a story on the side to set your expectations. Enjoy by FEB192014. 5.9% alcohol.

Cocoa aroma with a little roast and big malty backbone. Chocolate and malt. The end. Actually seriously if I were able to stop myself there I would. Very creamy and milky. Not overly sweet with a faint coffee bitterness in the background. Light medium body--needs a lot more heft! Quite one dimensional, good flavor (no "s", I didn't forget it). Fairly boring though go ahead and try it. It's fine, though one was plenty for me.

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