Friday, February 14, 2014

Cane and Ebel

Two Brother's Brewing recently started having some of their beers distributed to South Florida. Cane and Ebel is one of them, and though I've tried it and reviewed it before, that was a long time ago. Coincidentally, exactly three years ago was the date I published the first one. If you click the link, you can see a picture of what an old label looks like, and perhaps even a really old one since the bottle that day was 2.5 years past its drink by date. LOL.

This beer is brewed with Rye and Thai Palm Sugar. Considering that and that the brewery owners are named Ebel, that makes this a fantastic beer name (Cain and Abel if you've never opened a Bible). The label hints at what you should expect, including "loads of the wackiest new Hops". 68 IBU. 7.0% alcohol. Best By: 05/20/14-->this time I got a fresh one.

Spicy rye aroma with lots of caramel sweetness. I like it. Spicy rye also opens up the flavors, with some light pine and a nice dose of bitterness. Caramel and herbal flavors do add some balance, along with an interesting sweetness from the palm sugar. Carbonation is good. A little alcohol dryness comes at the finish, and the bitterness cleanses the palate and lasts for a long finish.Very enjoyable!

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