Friday, February 28, 2014

Domain DuPage French Style Country Ale

Two Brothers Brewing's Domain DuPage French Style Country Ale is on tap today. Well, so to speak, from a bottle. The label depicts an estate home in the country, with a path through the fields leading to its front door. A short paragraph also sets your expectations. 24 IBU. 5.9% alcohol, Best by 05/17/14.

Lemon, yeast and caramel aroma. The more you sniff, the more the caramel comes through. And WOW, you are hit with some big sweet caramel flavors in the beginning. Sweet apples and pears are also prominent at the start. Buttery, toasty. The overall sweetness was really on my mind, but as you near the finish, you are rewarded with just enough bitterness to "clean off the palate." That "expectation story" was perfect in its description. Tasty! Check it out!

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