Monday, February 3, 2014

The Bitter End Pale Ale

There's a new brewery whose beers are now being distributed here in the past month or so. I decided to grab one of each I saw from Two Brother's Brewing out of Warrenville, Illinois. Though I have tried a few of their beers before when a coworker brought back from business trips, it's been quite a while. I decided The Bitter End Pale Ale was a good place to begin my reacquaintance.

There is a little story on the front label that sets your expectations for this beer. On the back, a little about Two Brother's Brewing's philosophy and what they do--specializing in rare and seldom-brewed beer styles. I'm sure they do that, though none of those rare beers have made it here yet. And Pale Ales are not exactly hard to find. 30 IBU. 5.2% alcohol.

Orange citrus aroma with a bit of doughy scent there as well, not overly strong. Excellent fruity sweetness to start, very tasty. Oranges and tangerines forever. Crackers, dough, pale malt. There is also enough hoppy balance though this beer is not bitter at all. Just enough carbonation. Really smooth and creamy, too.

"At the end of [my] glass, [I was unable to] discover how this pale ale got its name." I was actually left wondering, and without further explanation, I think it's actually a bad name. But it is a good beer, a pale ale on the sweeter side of the style. Check it out!

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