Friday, March 7, 2014

Dream Machine IPL

Last week, Magic Hat Brewing sent me two bottles of Dream Machine IPL, an India-Style Pale Lager and their first new year round beer in a decade. The package also included a cool 8 oz "FLOW" glass and one of those cards that plays music when you open it. The card played some psychedelic music which a dude talked about the beer. Trippy. "Turn on the switch in [your] brains that controls the dream center, for the Dream Machine lives within us all... reminding us that nothing in the mind must be what it seems." 5.7% alcohol. 50 IBU.

Dream Machine has a nice bright hoppy citrus aroma. There is an underlying grainy sweetness throughout the flavor profile, but bitter lemon citrus and a tangy finish are more prominent. Makes you think "pilsner" a bit, and a nice crisp one at that. Nice carbonation, good body. Pretty good.

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