Friday, March 21, 2014

Hop Nosh IPA

Uinta Brewing is a fairly new brewery to South Florida, a few months tops. I heard good things about their Hop Nosh IPA but decided that I would see for myself. The label depicts a few farmers unloading a harvest of oversized hop buds from their farm trailer. Best Before 05/14/14. 7.3% alcohol.

Nice grapefruit and tangerine citrus with a whiff of tropical goodness. Not that powerful though. Soft and creamy on the palate, which was my first impression even over the flavors. Lots of tropical fruit, mainly mango and melon, survive a sea of bitter hops. Bold citrus and pine come through with an alcohol bite toward the finish. Very dry at the end. A lingering hoppy fruitiness lasts a long time on the palate (well, at least until you wash it away with your next sip). Nice beer. Soft and Strong at the same time, in all the right places. Check it out!

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