Monday, March 17, 2014

Hopped on the High Seas

I noticed on my can of Cigar City's Hopped on the High Seas it said "Canned by Cigar City Brewing in Tampa," but said nothing about brewing. Figured I needed to see what was up. The story is that this was actually brewed at Cervezas del Sur Brewery in Ponce, Puerto Rico by Cigar City Brewmaster Wayne Wambles. The beer was then put in a refrigerated shipping container with one hop variety and sent to Tampa for canning. Thus it was dry hopped while on the high seas. I'm drinking batch #4 which was dry hopped with Experimental Hop #529. It is also identified as a Caribbean-Style IPA. 7% alcohol.

Beautiful fruity aroma with tropical mango sweetness and orange citrus. Wow, this is tasty! Bitter grapefruit citrus really packs a wallop of flavor bursting on the taste buds. An underlying tropical fruity sweetness adds some balance and complexity. The finish is long and bitter. Quite refreshing. Terrific beer. Check it out!

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