Sunday, April 13, 2014


So I was recently asked how I'd be celebrating the Thai New Year, Songkran! Yeah, I know... Duh, with water squirters and Chang Beer! The labels and caps of my 330mL bottles show two elephants squirting water over each other. The back label lets you know this beer won a World Beer Award as Asia's Best Premium Lager. Best Before 100814.

People celebrating Songkran or Water Festival perform a Buddhist bathing ritual (not going to show you that part) followed by spraying their loved ones and friends with water, believed to wash away bad luck. They also drink plenty of Chang Beer. I decided to cover myself from both angles to protect myself from evil! The video was made my 11 year old amateur film-maker--not bad for only one "dry" run!

If any of you geniuses know how I can kill the black areas on both sides of the video, please let me know. I've wasted enough time in YouTube today!

I also tasted the beer...

Grainy, typical lager aroma. Sweet honey, grainy, with a bit of some persistent buttery flavor. Lightly grassy with some spice and bitterness at the finish. Pretty simple. Carbonation OK. Beer so-so. Too sweet; weird butter flavor. I did finish it, though I'm not so sure what's to happen with her 5 sisters. Perhaps I'll finish them off for today for the holiday this afternoon!

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