Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dubhe Imperial Black IPA

Dubhe Imperial Black IPA, an ale brewed with hemp seed, huh? OK, sure! I'm not going to do a lot of research and give you too much background on this beer, the name, what the bright orange star over the mountains on the label mean. Why? Because PJ Schultz already did a fantastic job in a guest review a few years back!

Big head, almost lost it. Orange, hoppy, piney aroma. Hoppy with sweet and citrus orange flavors in the beginning. Plenty of pine bitterness as well. An interesting chocolate flavor comes next and lasts, yet is always in the background. Bitterness clearly rules the day, and though there is some roasted malt balance, it's more of a nuance. This is way more IPA, less "Black".

The 9.2% alcohol is well incorporated though it does have this cleansing effect, like in an herbal, minty kind of way. Super creamy texture was fabulous. Dry finish. Really complex and interesting. Great beer!

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