Monday, April 7, 2014

Ebel's Weiss

Today I'm checking out Ebel's Weiss, a German-style hefeweizen brewed by Two Brothers Brewing In Warrenville, IL. The label has a little illustration of some flowers and a simple blurb setting your expectations for this beer. 4.9% alcohol. 15 IBU. Best By: 05/09/14.

Lightly sweet aroma with cloves, orange and banana comes later after sticking your nose in the glass for a while. Soft scents but pleasant. Banana really stands out in the flavors, however, and is met by a good dose of cloves that lingers all the way through the finish. Flowers, honey, nicely sweet. A bit of vanilla comes through in a lingering aftertaste as well.

Could have probably used a little more carbonation. And the clove flavors start to add up and get slightly annoying by the end of the glass. Was OK. Nice flavors.

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