Friday, April 4, 2014

Glimmerglass Spring Saison

I've had this bottle of Brewery Ommegang's Glimmerglass Spring Saison in my fridge for a week or two, but tasting it for the first time at the Sprung! Beer Festival inspired me to give it its day today. It is a saison brewed with sweet orange peels and pink peppercorns. The electric green foil-like label explains that this beer is named after a lake named by James Fenimore Cooper, one that reflects everything. This beer celebrates and reflects the joy that the brewery has with the arrival of each spring. 5.4% alcohol.

Enormous head--be careful pouring. Floral, light spice, soft fruity orange sweetness in a quite pleasant aroma. Wheat and fruity orange flavors start things out. Spicy cloves and peppers, flowers, and more fruit blend for a classic saison profile. Prickly carbonation, hoppy enough to balance that initial sweetness. Nice lingering aftertaste. Quite enjoyable.

For the record, I preferred the other Ommegang beer they had at the festival--Hop House. However, my wife liked this one better. (She was right I was told!)

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