Friday, April 25, 2014

Longshot American Stout

Easter has passed. I already bought and ate all of the sale chocolate bunnies from Publix. So where's a guy to get his chocolate fix from? From the smell of this Longshot American Stout, this beer is going to do just fine! This is the final Longshot beer I'm tasting this year, after the Pineapple IPA and Gratzer.

American Stout was created by Russ Brunner. Ed Roberts told me that he's a local homebrewer here in South Florida and that he's trying to get him to do some tastings of the beer at Total Wine. THAT would be super cool--pouring a beer that has your picture on the label (not made with your ink jet). Enjoy by September, 2014. 7.2% alcohol.

Nice roast, coffee, chocolate sweetness, great aroma. Chocolate comes first, but more bitter and dark chocolate. Prunes and other dark ripe fruit are very prominent as well. Light coffee, roasted malt. And then very interesting orange and citrus flavors come as you finish each sip. Rich, great body. Surprisingly not sweet in the slightest--good balance. A little alcohol shows at the end. Nice beer!

I enjoyed all three of this year's Longshot winners. I usually rank them but this year I'm going to (wuss out and) say they were all very different and enjoyable, that you should try them all and decide for yourself.

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