Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Longshot Grätzer

I recently grabbed a sixer containing this year's three Samuel Adams Longshot competition beers. Since the Boston Marathon was this morning, I figured a Boston Beer product was appropriate! I decided to check out the Grätzer first. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing: a Grätzer is a smoked wheat beer. This particular Longshot winner was brewed by Cesar Marron. 4.4% alcohol. Enjoy before August, 2014.

Big smoky sweet aroma, savory, meaty, reminds me of camping. Smoked meat flavors come through first as well, though not nearly as big as the aroma. Rather, the smoke is balanced by a basket of other great flavors. Nicely sweet, a bit of grain and hints of apples and lemons. The finish was a little spicy.

Honestly, I was shocked how refreshing this beer was. When I saw smoke on the label, I was ready to hate on this beer all day. But I liked it a lot. Very interesting and different, and the smoky meaty flavors never got old or annoying. Check it out for sure.

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