Thursday, April 24, 2014

Longshot Pineapple IPA

Yep, with a prop!
The second of three in Sam Adams' Longshot series this year is their Pineapple IPA, an ale with pineapple juice added. You remember their Gratzer from yesterday, right? This beer was created by Samuel Adams employee Teresa Bury. 6.0% alcohol. Enjoy before August, 2014.

Sweet and malty aroma, juicy with a little citrus. Spicy and hoppy at the start. Fruity, juicy sweetness offers some balance but remains in the background and never really stands out prominently. Pine and citrus bitterness through the finish seal the deal--it's an IPA and pleasantly bitter.

I'd say by the end of the bottle, you will taste the pineapple lingering on your palate after each sip, but knowing that was the added ingredient sure helped with identifying it. More just a generic fruitiness (not that there's anything wrong with that.) Enjoyable all around.

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