Friday, May 16, 2014

Old Chub NITRO Scotch Ale

Ed Roberts gave me a pounder can of Oskar Blues' Old Chub NITRO Scotch Ale last night. Was like a drug deal at 9:30 in a store parking lot! Coincidentally, this morning I received a copy of Canned! Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can by Russ Phillips. The foreword to the book was written by Oskar Blues' founder Dale Katechis, and many pages are dedicated to his brewery considering they are a canning pioneer. This tall boy fits in perfectly, so I decided to jump right on it! And look for that book review in the next few days.

The can has a similar color scheme to the non-NITRO version, with black and green background colors prominent. The giant NITRO in gold and bordered in red is the main difference. And again I love how the silver from the natural aluminum is allowed to shine through in several places, including the brewery name and other accent areas. Around the top rim: RARE GIRTH and A VIRTUAL PLANETOID. 8.0% alcohol. Canned on 04/05/2014. The bottom of the can also has "HOW 'BOUT NOW?" stamped on it.

Cool cascading with the pour--my short video sucks so you don't get to see it. The head would not dissipate! Eventually I got to take a whiff. Sweet caramel and light roast, not very strong an aroma. What a luscious texture. Milky, creamy, with lots of caramel, cocoa and rich raisiny flavors. Yet not overly sweet. The alcohol is noticeable and cuts the richness a little. Hints of licorice and vanilla come and go. A light roast lingers in the background. Good body. Low carbonation.

Check it out! Great flavors! "Sweet" Texture!

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