Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Ogden

Goose Island's newest beer in their Imperial Series arrived today with a history lesson. The Ogden, a Belgian-Style Tripel, was named after Chicago's first mayor, William B. Ogden. Besides being the first mayor, Mayor Ogden opened Chicago's first brewery and was involved with the channel cut that created Goose Island, from where the brewery takes its name. This is the second of three beers in this series after The Illinois Imperial IPA and is available nationally May 5, 2014.

The label is simply designed around a radiating geometric pattern. There are a few cues on what you should expect as well: "We dry hopped our Belgian Style Tripel to balance spicy, tropical American hop flavors with a unique Belgian yeast, giving it a bold, more complex palate." Brewed with Citra, Brewers Gold and Saaz hops and Dry Hopped with Brewers Gold and Citra hops. Bottled on: 1APR2014. 9% alcohol. 35 IBU.

Nice fruity aroma, peaches, a little tropical with some underlying Belgian yeast. This is great! Very juicy and fruity flavors in the beginning, peaches and pineapples. Honey and candi sugar flavors follow. Hoppy, spicy, peppery relief comes in to tame those sweeter flavors.

The Belgian yeast is noticeable and welcome. Good body, complex flavor profile, great balance. A little alcohol warmth comes at the finish, and you are left with a pleasant lingering fruity aftertaste. Loved it! I'd drink another now (if I had another and if I weren't coaching little league in a few hours)! Check this out!

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