Monday, May 12, 2014

Wake Up Dead Nitro Russian Imperial Stout

Couldn't pass up trying Left Hand Brewing's Wake Up Dead Nitro Russian Imperial Stout. Step 1: Pour Hard. Step 2: Admire & Enjoy. OK I think I can handle that. It's funny that they suggested and pictured a "pub glass" for serving as I just grabbed almost the identical glass due to its volume possibilities. Serve 40-45°F. Best By 09/17/14. 10.2% alcohol.

The cascading pour was awesome as expected. I really should have turned on the video abilities of this stupid phone! Sweet milk chocolate aroma with a little roast and vanilla, delicious and lovely. Exceptionally creamy texture. Milk chocolate and coffee flavors dominate the entire beer, though hints of licorice and vanilla pop in and out.

The alcohol does have some teeth, though not hot and entirely welcome with such a rich beer. Coats the mouth and palate entirely. Slightly too sweet but some hops and the alcohol do mostly tame that aspect. "Dreamy" and thoroughly enjoyable!

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