Monday, June 16, 2014

Gravity Brewlab and Cigar City Brewing's Gin & Juice Collaboration

Gin & Juice began, actually, at a gin tasting. Diego Ganoza, head honcho at Gravity Brewlab, was visiting the Broken Shaker, and they happened to be hosting one of the owners of the Ransom Spirits company. He was showcasing his gin and a few other things. Diego not being a big gin fan, he automatically glossed over it, but the aroma pulled him right back... Since then, he had it in mind to age a beer in those barrels. He set up a barrel purchase and ended up discussing the possibility of a collaboration with Joe Redner of Cigar City Brewing. After talking about options, the two of them got the green light to do the brew at their brewpub in Tampa with Tim Ogden (the brewmaster there). 

Gin & Juice officially became an American Strong Ale brewed with a single malt, and hopped exclusively with Galaxy hops from Australia. They had to jump through some hoops given the fact that they were trying to barrel age a hoppy beer, which is normally a "no-no." But in the end, they aged the brew for several months, and then rested the beer on fresh mango and papaya. 

The beer has aromatic notes of juniper, oak, herbaceousness (read: herbal awesomeness) and barrel heat. The flavors are dark caramel, toffee, tropical fruit and juniper. This beer is to be slowly sipped, like a digestif, and when allowed to warm out of serving temperature, its aromas just expand and brighten all the more. 

Gin & Juice is now on tap at The Local in Coral Gables (while it lasts!). 

Gravity Brewlab is opening soon in the Wynwood arts district, near 21st and NW 1st Ave. They expect to have both classic and experimental styles on tap at the brewery, while also spreading the love and flavor to their restaurant and bar friends across Miami. 

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