Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Road Warrior Imperial Rye India Pale Ale

Green Flash Brewing has been sending their beers here to South Florida for around a year now. Some sharp new labels on their bottles caught my eye a few days ago. Instead of just the "green flash" thumbnail, these new labels are rich in color and information. I grabbed a bottle of Road Warrior Imperial Rye India Pale Ale, one that I hadn't tried in the past.

Road Warrior is brewed in the name of the Green Flash sales team, their Road Warriors. I guess for me, I met Road Warrior Jeff Croy on ByTheGlassShow around the time they started distributing here. This particular bottle label has a deep blue theme and uses phrases like "Full Flavor Forward" and "Taste Enlightenment" on it, in addition to similar statements around the edge of the bottle cap. There is a little illustration of two guys on motorcycles above the hop and malt ingredient list. Best By (empty space). The inside of the cap says "Share with Friends" though that didn't happen. 9.0% alcohol. 80 IBU.

Hello pine! Hello spicy, peppery rye! What an aroma! There is also a spicy, piney, hoppy flavor start, but a strong dose of caramel sweetness follows right behind. Thick, chewy, sticky body with an excellent texture. The spiciness nips at the palate continuously. Orange citrus, more pine, aggressive hoppiness keep at it too. But then a softer sweet balance rescues that from being overdone.

Just right for a double rye IPA, lots going on but in spicy harmony. Very enjoyable all around if you are down for this type of beer. Get some!

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