Thursday, June 19, 2014

Saranac High Peaks Single Malt Scotch Ale

Matt Brewing Company in Utica, New York brought back some Scotch whiskey barrels after a visit to the Tomintoul Distillery in Scotland. The purpose was to create a single malt barrel-aged Scotch Ale. They recently sent me a few bottles of their Saranac Single Malt Scotch Ale to check out as I might not otherwise find this limited beer from their High Peaks Collection.

The label is simple, just an illustration of a Scotch barrel and some information/stats about the beer. This is a blend of beer with barrel-aged beer. 9.0% alcohol. The few pieces of material sent with the beers said I should drink this at room temperature. Being the skeptic, I threw the bottle in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Then I drank the beer from NY room temperature to FL room temperature, if you catch my drift.

Great aroma--caramel, butterscotch, toast and for sure whiskey. Sugary sweet caramel and butterscotch candy flavors to start. At the end of each sip, there is a whiskey kick and warmth in the chest, welcome and not annoying. The texture is creamy, feels nice in the mouth. Not too heavy, medium body (perhaps you could say wee heavy, right?) And despite my skepticism, I think it was perfect at a cool temperature, even right up to room temperature. Quite enjoyable!

BTW, how does my picture compare with their professional version below? Be sure to tell me!

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