Thursday, July 24, 2014

WILDFOX Pool Party & Trunk Show with Schofferhofer Beer

WILDFOX recently had a fashion/swim apparel party at the Boulan Hotel Roooftop Pool in Miami Beach (Florida, duh). This was part of the larger Miami Beach Fashion Week Swim events going on around town (I think), including one a few blocks away we saw from Mercedes-Benz. Anyway, who doesn't love a good swim party, especially when it's sponsored by a totally refreshing beer like Schofferhofer Grapefruit!?!?

Greg Garcia, South Florida Manager representing Schofferhofer, invited Ed Roberts who in turn invited me, and you are surely smart enough to see how that ended up. Ed and I arrived at around 12:15, very fashionably on time for a 7 hour event in sweltering heat. It was a pool party, so Ed and I had our suits, but we naively thought that the pool part was a gimmick, that no one would be in the pool and it wouldn't be really that enticing anyway. Dudes, totally wrong!

It was an angry hot day on the roof, even in the shade of the umbrellas. Ed and I immediately grabbed a Schofferhoffer pint can upon arrival. There was a bar set up to offer the guests both the beer and a cool gin cocktail, with and without the grapefruit beer included. While the unlucky guy at the grill there cooked burgers, chicken and hot dogs, Ed and I headed over to the VIP room where we were offered several catered dishes and pizza from Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza! I was surprised yet very happy to find another sponsor I adore!

The VIP room also showcased a few other products including the really awesome lollipop cakes shaped like bikini-clad women by SusyPops. It was really fun eating those chicks! They also had iced coffee though I was too busy with my Schofferhofer cans. Dude, they are like 3.2% alcohol so it was very easy to drink this all afternoon!

Radeberger Group Senior Brand Marketing Manager Armin Buehler told us a little bit about the brand and what's to come next (like those cans you see in our South Florida market). Oh, and he brought the Schofferhofer Hotties too! We did walk around and see what the other sponsors had to offer, though I didn't end up buying any swimwear. Mostly it was a day for staying in the shade, chatting for a while and drinking beer!

We left mid afternoon for another small beer festival in Wynwood, but you'll have to wait to read about that one another day.

Unfortunately, I did NOT meet her!

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